Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

              ……………….. Self Portrait in Dive Mask …………..

Now I know what the fishes see!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

  1. Delightful photo, Brooke! I guess you could say it reminds us that we never know how someone else sees things unless our view is from the same perspective. “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.”

    I hope you’re making progress on your March writing challenge. How are you doing at getting the “bits and pieces” organized?


    1. Thanks, Carol 🙂 On the writing challenge – – yesterday was a great day – – today, not so much. It’s amazing how things “crop up” when you decide to commit your time to something else! However, I had decided my most productive days would be Monday thru Thursday due to caregiving and other obligations, so i still feel good about progress made. At least I have all my bits and pieces in one place now 😉


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