why this mama lied

I’m not proud of this, but I came face to face with a past sin and need to clear the air.

Meet my little friends.  I don’t know their names but they’re 28 years old.

Flattened, faded, apendeges dangling or gone… I found them in a brown paper sack labeled “December 1983, Ian and David”.

Wanting to make a little spending money, these two boys of mine made “toilet paper people” to sell at the Birchwood Elementary School Christmas bazaar.  Using empty cardboard tubes they colored, snipped, glued and shaped fabric scraps into a labor of love.

It was their first creative venture into that dog eat dog world of free enterprise…. their first, fledgling steps as budding capitalists.

I didn’t have the heart to tell them none sold – – so I stuffed a few in a bag, told them people thought they were cute (which was true) and gave them each a couple bucks when I got home.

Was that terrible?  Should I have let the full force of reality smack them ….told them the truth and broken their sweet little hearts?

Maybe.  I don’t know.  But now they know I lied.


OK, that’s over with.

So I figured the least I could do was give these little folks a photo op.  Afterall, they’ve survived all these years smashed in a bag…. and traveled from Alaska to Oregon incognito.  So I fluffed their little bodies the best I could.

And on a positive note, after the photo session ended I loaded them back into their homey little paper sack ……. and tossed them in the recycle bin.

At least they’ve been disposed of responsibly.  That should count for something.

…”hey! you tossed us where??!?” 

4 thoughts on “why this mama lied

  1. Jan Amerson


    I think they are adorable and I don’t think what you did was terrible. Part of a mom’s job is protecting from the cruel world at times. I think I would have bought a couple because they wee made by kids wanting to make a couple of dollars. I love those kind of things and would rather buy something like that than something made by an adult. Just me! Good job!


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