My daughter-in-law posted this picture of my 4-year old grandson jumping into the pool during first ever swim lessons.  I love it just for what it is.  It also holds a memory.

I was 12 when I learned to swim.  My aunt, with whom I spent time each summer, was determined I would also learn to dive.  I recall standing on the edge of a pool in 90 degree temps, longing to be in the water.  The only way in was to dive and I knew we weren’t leaving until I did.

She was a tough task master, my aunt … still is.  In spite of knowing every visit with her would mean doing something new and often beyond my comfort zone, I could hardly wait to get there.  She never stopped pushing me to grow and try new things.  I am forever grateful.  

Of course, the dive happened.  It wasn’t beautiful, but it qualified.  Afterwards I was excited to find that 1) I was alive and 2) I actually enjoyed it.  I spent the next hour making dive after dive.

Over the course of life I’ve approached far too many situations like the girl on the edge of the pool…afraid to jump even knowing I had the skills to swim afterward.  I’ve waited on the edge until someone or something forced me in.  Or I reasoned myself out of it altogether…it’s not the right time, I’m too young, I’m too old, what will (insert name) think if I did that, I’m too broke, etc.

Several months ago I read a series published by Rick Warren on “your decade of destiny”.  It sparked more than the usual amount of self-reflection to think of 2011 beginning a new ten year block of time.

Did I want 2021 to roll around and find me still perched on the edge of the pool wondering where time went?  Short answer…. “NO”.

Halfway thru my first year of the “decade of destiny” kind of feels like there should be a drum roll here I feel good about progress made …. and looking forward to what’s ahead.

Looking closer at the picture of my grandson’s jump, I see something else………

………….outstretched arms just beneath the surface…………….

Looking from a faith perspective, which is the only way I can… I hear God say, “Come on!  You know you can do this….I Am Here…..  JUMP!”

What are you longing to do?  Who do you want to become?

6 thoughts on “JUMP

  1. I long to become a Victim Advocate by sharing my story. I have started writing a book, and I hope I can finish it while encouraging women in abusive situations to gain their independence. I pray every day that God gives me pain relief, so that I have more energy.
    This was a great post, Brooke…really got me thinking in the right direction!
    Bee well, my blogging friend…


    1. Thanks, Bee…really nice to hear from you. From what I’ve read so far you have an amazing story and you share it well. I’m glad to hear you’ve started a book! I’ve also started a book, but I’m not totally focused yet (which might sound weird). I’m writing about our years in Alaska, which were adventurous in their own right, but we also made alot of mistakes…..which we eventually overcame. I don’t know… a book about family trials and tribulations and hanging in there?? So I’m just writing for now and trusting it’s coming together. Have a wonderful and hopefully pain free day 🙂


  2. I am writing also – my goal, desire is to write for young women who are floundering, trying to sort out who they are and the path to follow. No small task, and one that really does apply to (us) older gals too. The blog is a way to get me writing daily and play with, sort out, learn to express my random thoughts. Fun!
    I like your “Jump” analogy. This past weekend, when the kids were swimming, one of them fussed, “He is splashing me in the face.”
    I told him, “What did you expect, to not get wet? You’re in the pool to cool off and get wet, enjoy it.”
    Isn’t that true of us, too? We don’t want the discomforts, the hills to climb, the splashes in the face. Well, what did we expect? Enjoy it! Keep jumping!


    1. It is interesting to hear what is driving others in this blog/writing world. I’m doing it a bit blindly at the moment, but definitely feel impressed to keep on. I’m enjoying your daily writing very much…like the goal of writing for young women finding their way. It must be a continual journey, because I’m still learning and sorting things myself 🙂 Thanks, Maureen.


  3. Lynn Gomer

    Your stories are always so enjoyable. I was surprised to see the arms hidden in the water. At first, I thought wow that kid is not afraid…Lynn
    ps it was good to see you here and I was sorry to miss telling you bye.


    1. Thanks so much, Lynn. It was good to see you and all the ladies last month – – and of course to spend time with Mom and Dad. I’m trying to schedule more frequent visits, so hopefully we’ll get together again. 🙂


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