Plant History

Every time I’ve moved much is given or sadly thrown away, but the houseplants must always go to a good home.

One of my favorites was a “Prayer Plant”.  The leaves roll up at night as if in prayer and open wide in the morning as if giving thanks for the day.  It was relatively new before our move northward so  I gave it to Mom for safekeeping.

Since David was born shortly after we arrived in Alaska, Mom has always counted the age of the plant by David’s birthdays.

It’s suffered a bit thru the years.  It spent some time on the back deck and met with unseasonably cold weather.  Mom administered TLC, pruned it down to a nub and waited.

I was happy to see it during my visit last month.  Here it is as a 35-year old ………

Now in a smaller home, it hangs out on Mom’s back porch and peaks into her kitchen.  It’s a reminder to me of all the prayers she’s prayed, for so many years, for so many.

Mom sent me home with clippings of her creeping charlie… kind of a “creepy” name, but I love the plant.  It’s upstairs now in my space, a quiet place to read and write.

And now with warmer weather the plants on my porch are going crazy.

I’ve so much to be thankful for today …………


Moms who pray….

Quiet spaces….

Flowers on my porch….

Celebrating freedom….

4 thoughts on “Plant History

  1. Thanks for sharing your list! Such a neat plant–never heard of it before. Love Alaska, we have family up there. Amazing place, full of God’s handiwork like no where else I’ve ever been.


  2. I have history plants, too, from that house, or from that friend, or from family…a post I have in the works, too – you beat me to it! Great minds think alike…


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