Quit Nothing……..

……but I am quitting.  Doesn’t make sense, but neither did last week.

We all have a bad day at work…mine just happened to last for four.  I survived.  Except this week I must clean up the mess that the mess made last week.

Coincidentally, I’m reading QUITTER, CLOSING THE GAP BETWEEN YOUR DAY JOB & YOUR DREAM JOB, by Jon Acuff….a very funny guy.  Click here for a link to his blog.

I have no plan to quit my job any time soon.  I’m not interested in finding another employer’s timecard to punch.  When I leave this job it will be for good and for the right reasons.

Can you be my age and still ask the question, “what will I do when I grow up”?  Yes you can!

So what I am doing, possibly a little late, is planning a future that incorporates the job I must keep for now AND those things I am drawn to do, those things I was probably meant to do all along if I’d been paying attention.  Jon talks a lot about all of that in his very good book.  He also talks about……


It is what keeps me from doing things I want to do but assume I will fail at.  These range from the simple…. how to entertain in a too small, too old house and do it well to bigger goals like writing.  I’m afraid I will bomb (I have).  But I want to do it, so do I put myself out there and try?

Then there are the more complicated things like relationships.  These are not for the faint of heart…can get very messy.  So, someone I haven’t seen or talked to in months would not get out of my head last week.  I needed to call.  I imagined they wouldn’t even want to talk to me (and I hate rejection).  I imagined they would say “this”, then I would say “that” (and I was getting confused).  I imagined I would just make things worse (because I can’t figure out how to make things better).  So after driving myself crazy for hours… I called.  It was pleasant, they were glad I called.  I feel hope and I didn’t even have all the “right” answers.  I just had to take that step.

I love this quote from Jon’s book, “90% perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head”.

So that’s what I’m quitting….being stuck in my head….thinking I need all the answers when I don’t even know the questions…doing nothing and wondering what if.  Of course, I am doing this reasonably  by taking small bites….don’t want to drive myself crazy..again!

flowers on the porch
grandson in velcro
catfish for dinner

These pictures have nothing to do with anything I’ve written here today ……….they just made me happy.  Onward to a new week!

6 thoughts on “Quit Nothing……..

  1. On my calendar for June I copied this quote by Brian Tracy: “Take persistent, continuous action in the direction of your goals until you succeed.” How long to keep trying? Until we succeed. Good words – keeps me plugging away rather than giving up (though I certainly have those days too!)


  2. Thanks for visiting me at Pursuing Heart! I enjoyed reading your post here … and especially liked this quote that you had – “90% perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head”. Good thoughts!


  3. You have flowers on your porch that I would love to be able to grow!!
    You have freshly caught fish for dinner…I would love to have that and not my frozen fish!!
    As for your comments, I have to say you sound alot like me…over thinking everything, hating to have my feelings hurt, afraid of not being perfect…wondering why I didn’t plan sooner…
    Am I on track or waaaaaaay off base?
    Baby steps are good–I need to tell myself that every single day!
    I am thankful you are able to write about what is on your mind…that is a big step right there!
    Bee well, Brooke, you are on the right track 🙂


    1. You’re very much on track, Bee. I’m the classic over thinker…but working on that for sure. Baby steps. I have to admit, the fish belong to my son in North Carolina and I’m on the west coast. He just tantalizes me with the pictures 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement. Hope you have a lovely day.


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