Take Small Bites

I posted this picture in a blog last week….it made me miss my family and fun times at the beach and all the good stuff that seem to be separated by long periods of grayish, plain days.

And then I turned 62 a couple of weeks ago which reminded me I need to get crankin’ if I’m ever going to do all the things I want to do.

And then I got discouraged looking around this old house that got a new roof last summer, but needs so, so, so, so much more work done…. feels a little hopeless.

And then the job got busy and incredibly challenging at a time when I’d love to say adios, let someone else meet the deadlines and demands…. then I can head to the beach.

And then I got to kicking myself because the husband and I didn’t wake up soon enough from our wild and crazy youth to plan properly for our wild and crazy oldness…which means I’ll probably die at my desk, face planted in the keyboard with computer mouse stuck in my cold, stiff fingers.

See how my mind spirals crazy??

But then today I read a blog friend’s post about Speed Bumps.  You know, those speed bumps in life that trip us up and slow us down and make us ask questions.

So I’ve been thinking about how to handle the speed bumps that are slowing me down.  I need to look at this like my diet.

I’ve been on a “healthy eating plan” for a whole month.  I’ve never done anything for a whole month!!  (except go to work)  I’ve got a ways to go, but I can actually see that I’m getting there.  (next size down pants… yippee!)  And I’m doing it by taking small bites.  Small healthy bites…. ignoring the growly stomach… keeping busy.

So I guess I need to take small bites out of all that has overwhelmed me lately ….. I can’t retire yet, but I can slap down those credit card bills every pay-day ….and build up the savings.

I can’t single-handedly make the changes to my house, but I can do many small things.  I can refuse to gripe about the dirt clods the husband tracks in every time he drags a tool upstairs to work in the attic.  Yes, I can sweep up dirt clods as long as he keeps pounding nails…. a “no gripe zone” here.  He will like that!

I can’t resolve the problems of an aging family member ….I can only be patient, helpful, and pray a lot.

I can’t do everything I’d like, but goals can be set and steps taken each day.

And I can’t pack up and go to the beach whenever I want just yet…but I can treasure the memories, enjoy the times we do have and anticipate the future.

……….and I seriously doubt I’ll die at my job, face planted in keyboard…..they’ll escort me to the door long before that.

6 thoughts on “Take Small Bites

  1. Reading your post put a smile on my face…you have a great sense of humor amidst the challenges of life!

    I’ve never owned a home, but I live near the beach…so I guess that evens things out between us. 🙂

    I am very thankful that my three boys put themselves through college (on their own because I have been disabled since they were in grade school) and all three now work in the financial services field.

    Their main goal is to provide me with a home, which is about to happen soon. All three contribute to make my life stress-free so that I do not have to worry about financial matters. And their company does what no financial company ever did before–they educate and provide services to middle income families.

    (Can you tell that I am one proud mom?? haha)

    Enough about me…just had to say I love your blog and I hope you have a blessedly peaceful day.


    P.S. You are blessed to have a wonderful husband, too.


  2. That’s a lot of “and then’s”! When we suddenly get bogged down by life and all the implications of getting older it can be overwhelming. Congratulations on your healthy eating achievements and on discovering the same approach can be applied to other aspects of your life. Few of us can make major changes all at once, but it’s amazing the difference small changes can make.


    1. I’ve always struggled with trying to fix everything at once – – it’s good to back off a bit and take a look at the small things that can be accomplished. Yes….lots of “and thens” – – – which is the way it is in life, but not so good for writing:) Think I got a little carried away. Thanks for the comments, Carol.


  3. Such a surprise to see my post mentioned here! Seemed a silly topic, but the idea meant a lot to me and I hoped it would encourage someone else – so glad to hear that it did! Glad to have a blog friend like you as we learn to navigate bloggersville, and life.
    Great family photos, too. Looked like a fun outing.


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