Job’s Life Kind of ….sucked

No disrespect to God’s word….but I think I need to change-up my reading plan until I feel better.  I know things turned out OK for Job in the end, but I can’t wait that long…at least for now.

I don’t know if its the cough that won’t go away, or the Oregon rain that won’t stop, or my ancient house that taunts me with all it’s undone projects, or the severe chocolate withdrawals brought on by my diet (10 down, 8000 to go)….but I’m definitely not myself lately.

And then there was the email from a son yesterday……..title of “Happy Birthday”.  A little early, but sweet.  Inside is a link to the website of a group claiming my birthday is the end of the world.

OK, well, I’ve got a lot to do between now and then so must get busy.

I will encourage myself with this photo of a beautiful calla lily that a different son dropped by the other day.

There, that’s better.  Don’t think I’ve seen a purple calla lily before.  I love it.

I know eventually the sun will come back and I know my cough is almost done.

I have high hopes of getting the husband to work out a plan with me on what next to do to the old house……….although like reading Job, this may take some time.

I’m feeling a little more encouraged already.  We’ve tackled and conquered tougher things….like our epic move to Alaska……..which started the day I came home to my cozy, California house to find a FOR SALE sign in the front yard………………..  (more to come)

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