Dan Bronson…”Nothin’ but the best” ……….

I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandfather today.  It’s his birthday.  He was a cowboy and a truck driver.  In his mind, his family deserved “nothin’ but the best” …and it was evident in how he cared for all of us.

I had the privilege of seeing him rock each one of my children to sleep.  And they had the privilege of knowing him.

As they grew he told them stories about his hard living, tattooed, “hooligan” (his word) days…but more importantly how he became a man who loved God with his whole heart.  He let them know him…nothing pretend…just who he really was, imperfections and all.

That’s the part of him I still strive to be like………..nothing pretend….just who I am.  It’s harder to do than it looks. 

His physical body has been gone from this earth for a long time.  I still miss him.  When our family gathers and grace is said at our table, it’s still his voice I hear.

Papa….you absolutely did give us “nothin’ but the best”.

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