Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fleeting Moment

~ Arriving at Grandma's House... ...One can never have too many of these fleeting moments! WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Down

..... Reaching down for the sweetest gift ..... WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Christmas Perfection

I talk on the phone to my parents and Mom laments.  After the initial holiday enthusiasm wanes, after her annual Christmas craft faire is done, after her festive packages are mailed, there is the let down.  The perfect Christmas seems to elude.  Quiet waiting is all that is left. Then it's my turn .....there are no kids or grandkids dropping …

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Grace for the Overly Stressed

"What's happenin' Mom", the customary greeting from a son's Sunday morning call. "Oh, not much", my customary response ......when I don't really want to talk about what is going on ....when I don't want to verbalize the "what's happenin" because there's more than I can handle. When he mentions he and the brothers and the …

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Not What it Looks Like

Someday when I have more time, I will become a better photographer. What am I saying?  I'm not even a basic photographer.  I'm in the "I suck" zone.  But there's always hope. And someday, I will take more pictures of my grandchildren.  But it seems when they are around we're too busy to grab the camera, let alone …

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Summer Pea Pickin’

It made me happy to see a grandson in a garden.  It got me to thinking... I need a vegetable garden of my own.  This young man was very proud of his leaf.  He ate fresh peas and called them pea-candy.  I hope he will always think of veggies that way.  Hmmm...we'll see how long that lasts. …

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How Boys Play and a Couple Cookies

I know how boys play.... it's almost always messy and rarely quiet.  Living room cushions and blankets become forts.  Their appreciated but sweaty hugs smell of wet grass and mud.... as do their bedrooms....on a good day.  We won't talk about the other days. One son could sit in the middle of a room ...no toy or book …

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