moving forward

I picked a doozy of a word.  It’s not even a practice I normally participate in.  But while looking for inspiration in a magazine last January, the word kept appearing.  So I reasoned, “forward” must be my word for 2020.  Yes!  Forward it is!  And then…

Political upheaval and impeachment happened.

My mom died in February.

Then… you know… CORONAVIRUS.

Then the presidential campaign, which morphed into an above and beyond level of nastiness which spilled into every nook and cranny of American life to include, but not limited to, people getting in your face about what is or is not on your face.

And of course, protests in the streets of  most major cities.  Which turned into burning and looting.  Which… well, I will stop there because this is not a political rant.

But I am trying to figure out how I might salvage the last couple months of the year and move forward in some meaningful way.

As of yesterday, America has a new president elect.  Not ashamed to admit I’m struggling with that.  I ate a package of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls for my lunch with a side of Pringles.  (I am ashamed of that)  I have a tendency to eat like a six year old when I am sad, mad or anxious.  But I’ll get over it.  Because I’m moving forward.


Still, it’s no piece of cake (sorry for the pun).

Last week we hit the record for fastest offer to buy, then un-buy our house.  I hate real estate.  I’m getting older by the minute.  I didn’t know that putting your house up for sale was the equivalent of a roller coaster ride.

We also found out a good friend of Doug’s died unexpectedly.  He was my friend also, but mostly in the on-line sense.  About a year and a half ago he started showing up to encourage me in my writing.  I will miss that.  A whole lot.  Because we all need encouragement.  And maybe that’s a key to moving forward this year.

I know that eventually this house I live in will sell. (just hope I’m still alive when it happens!)

I know a new president in the White House will have little effect on my day to day life, at least for a little while.  And as long as Americans (including me) stay engaged in the process.

I know I have been outrageously blessed.  And I know I have taken too much for granted for too long.

Have I been as much an encourager to others as friends and family have been to me?

Have I spent as much time studying God’s word for myself as I’ve spent reading what others say it says?

Have I spent as much time appreciating my home as I’ve spent complaining about it?  Tending to the day to day of life rather than focusing on what is completely out of my control?

I am short on answers to so many things.  But I know the people in my life are here for a reason.  Remembering to encourage and lift up sounds like a good place to start.  And maybe bake my husband some cookies.

2 thoughts on “moving forward

  1. I’m sorry about the real estate woes, Brooke.
    I’ve been reading your email posts and planning to write, but I don’t. I’m sorry about it too.
    I love your humor and thoughtfulness that I see in each post. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend and encourager.
    I lost an old friend back in March. I’m thankful I had written her a note and that her daughter searched me out and called to tell me of Janice’s homegoing. But, I have longed to talk with my wise friend so often these last months and especially today.
    No Little Debbie cakes or Pringles in my life or I would surely have gained many lbs. the last 2 years.
    The questions you posed make me cringe or sigh. They are just the boost I need to get moving forward. Thank you.


    1. I appreciate your comments, Elaine. I do the same in that I read other people’s post and plan to comment but don’t. And if course we can’t comment on everything, but I’m going to try to do better. 😊. These months have been such a season of loss on a huge scale. But we’re looking forward… onward! 🌻


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