he loves me like that…

Three favorite stories, short and sweet…

At Passover Meal, knowing he would suffer and die, knowing his disciples had no clue what was about to happen, Jesus told them of his eager longing to share this meal with them.  An eager longing to share.  He loved them like that.  (from Luke 22:14-20)

At that same Passover Meal, Jesus filled a wash basin, knelt down and washed the feet of each disciple, showing them the greatest leader is the one with a servant’s heart.  Teaching them right to the end.  He loved them like that.  (from John 13:12-17)

Overwhelmed, confused, likely tired and hungry, Peter and several disciples returned to what they knew best… the life of a fisherman.  They had spent the last three years with Jesus.  The outcome of his torture and death was not what they expected.  And even though he rose from the grave and appeared to them already, they had to wonder what was next.  So he showed up, on the shore, cooking their breakfast.  Gathered for a meal around the campfire, sharing a few more words… he loved them like that.  (from John 21:1-13)

The thing is, at that Passover Meal, Jesus already knew he had been betrayed.  But he washed Judas’ feet and fed him bread and wine anyway.  He called him brother.

And at that campfire breakfast, Jesus prepared a meal for disciples who ran away and hid when he was arrested.  He prepared this meal for Peter who outright denied knowing him, not once, but three times.

Jesus loved them like that.  And he loves me the same.

He knows every thing I knew I should do but wouldn’t, every hurtful word I’ve spoken or will speak, every ignorant mistake made and every knowing choice that was outright wrong but done anyway.  He knows and loves anyway.

He loves me like that.

He loves you like that.

Amazing grace.  Indeed.

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