our yes and our no

I have said “no” when it was clearly the right thing.  I’ve also said “yes” to what should have been a clear “no” believing I could make it work anyway…with varying results.

I’ve said “yes” when it was clearly the right thing.  I’ve also said “no” to what should have been a clear “yes” believing I could make it work anyway…with varying results.

Quick decision making in a non-emergency situation is not what you will get from me.  I need to weigh the pros and cons, mull, consider, research and over-think.  And when the yes or no is finally given, it’s time for self doubt.

I don’t like this about myself.

It was both refreshing and convicting to read what Jesus said in Matthew 5:37, “all you need to say is simply “yes” or “no”; anything beyond this comes from the evil one”.  Clearly I have work to do.

For almost all the years of our marriage, Doug and I have talked of traveling around the USA.  Amazing places, new people and great food have beckoned like a fuzzy dream.  We started talking this dream into reality about a year ago.

I agreed that if nothing earth shattering happened with my Dad, then we could “probably, possibly, maybe” make it work.  I gave myself lots of room to say “no”.

After Dad entered hospice care we kept talking.   Even the hospice chaplain encouraged me to “live life”, “make plans”, “don’t stress” – – because none of us knows the timing of anything.  So I quietly, in faith, said yes.

And of course, Dad went home to Heaven on the first day of May.

God knows the timing of everything


It’s been a busy three weeks.  Lots of paperwork.  Lots of phone calls.  Lots of cleaning, sorting and arranging.  Not much time for thinking, or even grieving for my Dad.  Time will take care of that.

And now, we’re ready to go.

Monday morning we hit the road and this blog will become a sort of travel log.

We’ve got a wonderful friend holding down the fort at home with Mom.  Our gently used travel trailer is packed full.  I didn’t know which clothes to bring so I pretty much packed it all.  And our trusty “Black Beauty”, aka – the pick-up truck, is ready for the road.

We’re going to go where we want, when we want and see what we see, when we see it.  Plus, Doug has his list of barbecue joints to hit from Texas to Tennessee to North Carolina and back home again.  There may be a stop in Kansas City to complete the barbecue binge.

I’m not doubting my decision.  Not second-guessing my “yes”.  And I think Dad would be happy about this trip.  It’s something he talked of doing but never did.

He’ll be riding along in my heart.



8 thoughts on “our yes and our no

      1. I don’t know much and I’m self taught. I have a Samsung and here is my quick tut – whether you want one or not, Brooke!
        I take pictures, look at them in the Gallery. If I want to share one, I tap the screen and that little sideways, sort of triangular thing is at the top. Tap it and it gives options for how to share.

        If you tap Instagram, you’re in! I don’t add filters, but you can look through and see what you like.
        Write a little message, share a location, if you like. Hit share and you are done.
        Made a mistake – no panic! See the 3 little dots at the top right? Tap and tap delete.

        Comments, likes, work the same way – easy to erase, if you make a mistake or change your mind.

        Some people do keep their accounts closed, and one has to ask permission to see the posts.
        If you like, search my full name to see what I have posted.
        I didn’t think I would use it much, but I do! I think you could have fun with this as you travel.


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