Perspective Powered


Flower baskets have been particularly lovely this year.  There in the picture I snapped was the tree lined hill in the distance.  All the beauty God gives to us for free.  And I almost missed it because I didn’t feel like planting baskets.

Glad I did it anyway.


Wind blowing my hair, river rolling it’s way to the Pacific, good food shared with Doug.  And I almost missed it.  Because I don’t like to eat outside with the bugs… or any other airborne object that might drop in.  I wanted to say ‘yes’ when he asked, but my default is too often ‘no’.

Glad I did it anyway.

I wasn’t dressed right.  Had the wrong shoes.  Wasn’t really up for the slog thru the sand.  But if I hadn’t gone I would have missed it.  To see the river dump into the sea.

Glad I did it anyway.

What do I miss with my too often “no”?

How can I harness the power of perspective up front?

Perspective is great when you’re looking back.

But I’m going forward today.

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