Why did God make Bats?


Every morning, without fail, I sweep the silk tree droppings from the deck and water the potted plants.

I wipe off the table tops and chairs.  Then I open the umbrellas. 

One morning as I unfurled this umbrella there was a surprise waiting.

A bat.

A big bat with a huge wingspan and giant Dracula teeth.

At least that was my perception… as I ran screaming into the house.

Moments later I returned with my trusty broom.  I gently lifted one corner of the umbrellas.   And found …

… a tiny brown bat that looked to be about 2 inches square.

It appeared to be vibrating.

Gently I swept the broom near the target.  It obliged by extending it’s weird webby wing and launching itself.

Towards me.
I thought. 

So again, I ran screaming into the house, certain it was aiming for my hair.

When I returned it was nowhere to be found.  Poor thing probably died of a heart attack at the sight of a screaming giant with flailing arms.

So, what did I learn from this?

1) I do not know why God created bats.

2) My overactive imagination is not helpful.

3) Always carry a big broom.  Bat check is priority #1.

P.S.  I’m also pretty proud of myself as this is the first blog post done entirely on my phone. Including photo.  Anxious for the healing of my computer.

One thought on “Why did God make Bats?

  1. Brooke, you make me confess, I have a default for outdoor surprises – scream. Then be rational, or so I think 😉
    I’m impressed with your phone skill! It has not entered my mind to do this. The phone is new to me and sometimes my default is to scream at the things it does too…


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