Twenty Dollars Worth of Balls and a Dirt Bath

I could prattle on about my trip to the craft shop early this week, where a bin of hula hoops and brightly colored balls caught my eye.

$3.99 the sign said.

Since I’m updating the grandkids’ toy box I grabbed a couple of balls, the items I went to the store for and checked out.  My ending total was much more than expected, but since there was a line-up behind me and only one checker, I decided to head out to the car and recheck my totals.

To my surprise the balls rang up as $9.99!  I walked back to the front of the store and realized the sign on the bin actually said $3.99/$9.99.  Why did I only focus on the $3.99 when I first arrived?  It was the hula hoops that were $3.99.

So I went back to the check out stand where I found my mother at the head of the line, fumbling with her debit card, with 10 people, 10 irritated people, behind her.

I went home with the balls.

And here is what twenty dollars worth of balls looks like.balls

At least they are licensed by Marvel Comics.  So there’s that… for anyone who cares.


And now I could lament of my attempt to help my husband with the creation of his vegetable garden a few days back.

We thought it wise to put up some deer fencing to protect our fledgling plants because, well, we have deer.  Lots of them.

So I held the metal poles and Doug climbed the ladder to pound them in.  And there is this tool thingy he puts on top of the pole to help him pound it in.  And when you fling that tool thingy on the ground which has been freshly tilled, there is a likelihood of the thingy filling up with dirt.  Which it did.  And then it got dumped on top of me.

It wasn’t fun.

But we have a fence.

And the veggies are growing.


There are any number of little things I could ramble on about today.  But I’m kind of overwhelmed by the political events of the passed week.

I ruminate and think a lot, so it takes me awhile to process events and information.  I’m not one to spout off an opinion in the heat of the moment.

Since my world view is influenced by the living Word of God, I know there will always be a divide between those who believe, those who don’t, and those who’ve made up something in between.  It’s just a bit shocking to see it played out so vividly on this page of history.

So I will leave those thoughts alone for the time being because I believe:

Time + Prayer = Something worthwhile to say.

As I close my Sunday post, I’ll share some of how our flower garden grows around here… and my belief that no matter what I see happening on this earth, good or bad, or oddly peculiar… God has it all under control.

As my grandpa told me a long time ago, “honey, it’s all going to be ok”.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Dollars Worth of Balls and a Dirt Bath

  1. Maureen

    Hi Brooke,
    Enjoying these Sunday conversations – a good new habit to follow. Perhaps I’ll follow your lead with a post of my own? Something new from you to look forward to on Sunday – thanks!


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