Snow Balls in April

A spindly, pot-bound plant caught my eye.  It sat in the garden, likely for years, waiting to be planted.  It was barely alive.

So we prepared the soil, added fertilizer and put its roots down deep.  I watered and weeded and waited.  For three years.

This April its first blossoms appeared.

I hoped the plant would grow.  I did what I could to help it grow.  But I couldn’t see the magic happening beneath the ground.


On those days when I feel like a pot-bound plant… dry and thirsty and waiting… these blooms remind me that God is at work.

He cultivates my heart, because I invited Him in.

He pulls the weeds of fear, because I asked Him to.

He helps me wait as purpose grows, with good food and water from His Word.


2 thoughts on “Snow Balls in April

  1. I used to have a snowball bush – but it died after our move to Colorado :(. Love their bright blooms, especially with the sun shining through in the afternoon. Waiting. Ah, yes. Trusting in that “magic happening beneath the ground.” Good reminder – thanks!


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