Late Bloomer, Slow Learner

I am the square in fair and square”… I get the joke 5 minutes after everyone has left the building… oblivious to Downton Abbey for two seasons, I am now hopelessly addicted.

It also takes me awhile to work thru things, like…

…mourning for family togetherness experienced last Christmas ~ ~ extended its unwelcome stay into February,

…now that we are out and the younger generation has moved into our house, I’ve discovered the truth ~ ~ I really can’t go home again.

…and since leaving my “work for pay” job a year and a half ago ~ ~ I seem incapable of setting a goal, making a plan and following thru.

I’ve sabotaged every “get fit” program started to the point where eating my way into oblivion looks appealing.

My “life in boxes” has suffered so much from dust and moth and mouse (and a small flood)… that I wonder what’s the point… of stuff.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And I’ve ignored this blog so long, I’ve considered giving up.

But, you know, things get better… clouds roll away (even here)… and the tagline on this blog to “keep on keepin’ on” seems almost salvageable.

On Valentine’s Day, my husband gave me a card…. the kind of card that after 43 years of marriage he had to read and consider carefully before handing it to me.  No drive-by card shopping on that one.  Oh, no.  It inspired me to reconsider how blessed I am right now, right here.

Earlier this month I chatted with a woman who had boxes of “stuff” just like me.  They sat in storage while she lived with and provided care for her mother-in-law… for ten years.  Her perspective refreshed and encouraged… and helped me know I can push on.

The other day on Facebook one of my favorite authors, Donald Miller, said “satan uses Scripture to control the masses.  Jesus uses it to set them free”.

I liked those words a lot.

I believe them too.

While I’m not comparing what I write to scripture, I do think the devil loves it when I’m quiet… when I shut down… when I feel too imperfect to share my words.  But thankfully… he’s not the boss of me.

So like my cousin, Joy, said in an email yesterday, “it’s another day so up and on the road we go”.  She is well named.

on the road

4 thoughts on “Late Bloomer, Slow Learner

  1. I am glad you are not giving up on this blog – or on life. There is still open road ahead – even for those of us who are late bloomers and slow learners (I’m with you there!) Good to see you back.


  2. I’ve found that life is never static, and discouragement and hope seem to fit into our days in cyclic ways. This week has been a stressful one for me and I’ve been physically and emotionally exhausted but also very thankful. Talk about ups and downs… I almost lost my DH but he’s back with me. Somehow, blogging wasn’t even in the picture this week, but I’ll be back because the connection with my cyber friends brings me a lot of pleasure. I’m glad you’re here, too.


    1. So very glad your husband is home now! And I pray continues to get and stay well. You’re right, the hope and discouragement is all interwoven. Sometimes I probably focus too much on the discouragement side. But I’m trying to change that 🙂 And truly, the connections made with cyber friends is a great motivator to keep on here in blogland. So glad you’re here too, Carol 🙂


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