A Perspective on Coming and Going

Grandsons in the morning before school….

photo credit Courtney McGillivray

“but I don’t want you to go”

photo credit Courtney McGillivray

“I’m sorry buddy, but I have to go to school”

photo credit Courtney McGillivray

“but why”

“because I have to learn”

“about your letters and the alphabet?”


…meanwhile… an hour away on the other side of town….

another grandson leaves for his very first day of Kindergarten…

photo credit Michelle McGillivray
photo credit Michelle McGillivray
photo credit Michelle McGillivray

Oh, the joy!  The expectation!  The thrill of it all!  He gets to ride the big bus with no seat belts!  Could there possibly be anything better??

Not likely.  At least not for him on this particular day.

We come. We go.  From the day of birth until the day we leave this earth.

Sometimes we laugh… or cry… or get all crazy in the face.

But come and go we do.

As these three start their journey, I hope they will always…

…run happy to the bus, even if they don’t know what to expect

…be excited to learn, even when it is hard

…know they are loved, even when they doubt

…remember the way home, especially when they’re grown

…be sweet to their little sisters… yeah, this might be unrealistic

…hug their mamas

And speaking of mamas… they have the best of the best.  Thanks for sharing your photos, my dears.

9 thoughts on “A Perspective on Coming and Going

  1. Karen

    yes, we pray they will be kind to their little sisters……………
    and hug their mamas and grandmas.
    What promise, what joy
    Thanks for sharing your joy with us today.

    I haven’t seen first day pictures yet but I am sure they share equal parts enthusiasm and fear with the mystery of a new class, new teacher, new friends, new school and a new school year.
    Loved your pictures and thanks too for daughter in laws that share those wonderful moments.


  2. “Firsts” are always memorable, aren’t they? Love these photos, Brooke, and your words. I have photos of our children’s first days at school, but they always seemed to be posed shots… showing off their new school clothes and lunch buckets. I taught Grade One and loved the unbridled enthusiasm those little ones had for discovery and learning.


      1. I was humbled to discover a few years ago that astronaut Robert Thirsk remembered me as his Grade 1 teacher. I have some very meaningful correspondence from him. You just never know who you’ll encounter from one day to another.


  3. Priceless moments. Nice to meet you grandkids. Both images made me remember how my son was when he was smaller. The first few days of his mother’s day out, he was crying and so was half his classmates but now her is so excited to go to school. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.


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