Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Growth

Last winter three adult deer visited the yard regularly.  There’s plenty to eat around here, so that was no surprise.  They were very fond of the apples on the ground.

Then they went away for a while.

So where do deer go when they’re not here?  Where do they sleep?  Where do they find good food and fresh water?

A few days ago one deer was back.  I don’t know where her buddies from last winter were… maybe in someone’s freezer?  Forgive me for saying that folks, but this is a rural area….

Or… for the more tender-hearted amongst us, perhaps they are just down the road at the neighbor’s yard…

Anyway, this one came back and brought her growing family.  For more apples.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Growth

  1. My hubby’s a hunter, so I didn’t cringe at all. 😉

    It’s lovely to see generations coming back to enjoy the bounty your beautiful spot provides for them. We have deer here, too, although no apples to share. They munch on some of my favourite shrubs instead.


    1. Phew… after writing about being in the freezer I imagined some might not take that too well 🙂 My guy hunts too. And I know what you mean about eating your favorite shrubs! Alot of the garden here is old and had gotten overgrown. We decided to plant a few new roses. It appears deer love roses!


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  3. Hi Brooke,
    Fun photo blog today–thanks for sharing!
    My aunt in Sheridan has enclosed her roses in a tall thin fence (she planted them within a group of trees and then used the trees as fenceposts). It was the only way she found to keep her roses. It’s nice to share, but if the deer get a little greedy, you may need to put them on a diet! 🙂
    Thinking of you–


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