Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Today

In case company comes…

In case the rain stays away…

In case the sun sticks around…

…time to wash the deck chairs.

Apparently, at some point in our family history, for lack of a tree to carve… my youngest son immortalized himself in this chair.

Amazing what you find when you scrub the dirt away.

ALL DONE… they look ready for take-off

And yes, I know the deck and railing need to be painted, but that’s for another day…

… now it’s coffee break time!

And that’s what I did today!

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Today

  1. Sandra Hayes

    Wow, you sure are busy these days. Love reading your posts – they help keep me grounded!

    Bill & I are relocating (for the summer) to Yamhill to provide Farm Style Assisted Living. My father is 86 and has no desire to enter into a retirement center of any sort. He just wants to sit in his recliner, look out his 8 foot wide window and watch the grass grow…that is what is planted around the farm. He and Bill spend a couple of hours outdoors doing chores…cutting wood, cleaning gutters, fixing things – guy stuff. I have the inside…so much work – the windows are the worst…did I mention the 8 footer!

    We really have our work cut out for us.


    1. Oh my, you are going to be busy! Good luck with those windows:) But that is very cool you’re doing that for your Dad. Maybe over the summer he might be persuaded to make a change?? My parents are starting to look for a senior living arrangement. They can still take care of themselves, but Dad won’t be driving much longer and I live too far away. My MIL doesn’t want to leave her home either, which is why we’re here, but we finally got her to go to a day center twice a week… otherwise, she just sits in her chair at home. But hope you will pace yourselves and take some breaks – – you need to get out once in awhile:) And thanks for your encouragement on my posts, Sandie:)


  2. What a day you had! The chairs make interesting photo subjects, and isn’t it nice to feel like they’re ready for a summer day when you can all sit and enjoy those lovely flowers?


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  5. I got excited seeing those chair decks being cleaned and ready for Summer fun. When I was younger, my parents with my sisters would clean the house on weekends. Then we clean the car and end up playing ” water splash.” It ‘s a happy and fun memories. Thanks for sharing.


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