Encouraging One Another

The trees we haven’t planted yet… propped against the workshop… just can’t wait to bloom.


A new friend calls… “How’d it go” …so we talk about that. And she tells me about her garden and the great find from the thrift shop and what they’re having for dinner and I can’t help but smile because I can “hear” her smiling at the other end of the phone.

I read a blog I’ve followed for a year…this post, SAIL …where she shares a photo and a Mark Twain quote… gives me hope to look forward.  It’s not too late.  It’s only too late if I don’t look.

Mom calls after church… “I heard the most wonderful words on JOY today – you need to hear this”.  And she dispenses joy long distance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For all the ones who listen and then choose to….

…. speak… write… create… do… lift up…

I am grateful.

Each day I want to be more like that.

7 thoughts on “Encouraging One Another

  1. I love how God works … how thoughts transcend distance and are unexpectedly shared by others we only know through this virtual world. Your post on Facebook about encouraging one another appeared in my news feed directly after I posted mine on ‘Interdependency’. I came here, then followed your link to Maureen’s post. There is so much to discover in life when we choose to look, to venture forth, to “sail”. And sometimes we need the encouragement of others to throw off those restricting bow lines.

    (Oh, and thank you for introducing me to Maureen’s blog.)


    1. Yes, His work is amazing:) And I am finding these virtual connections amazing as well. I’ve never met Maureen in person, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her blog. She’s inspired me more times than she knows! As have you:) Thanks, Carol.


  2. Brooke, you are so sweet – thanks for linking to my blog. I wasn’t going to post anything, felt I had nothing to say, felt guilty about posting someone else’s words, not being creative enough to have any of my words to put down…but that quote does speak volumes to me – keep working, keep trying, keep writing, keep sailing on. So I put it out there. I’m grateful it blessed you, too, and Carol, and maybe others. It isn’t too late for either of us – keep looking forward. You inspire me many times, too, dispensing the joy long distance – thanks.


    1. Well, I’m certainly glad you did post that:) You write your own wonderful words so often, but sometimes I think we’re just meant to be the conduit to pass something else along. And it always seems that when I don’t feel creative and I’m not really sure I should post that post – – that’s the one that seems to click with folks! Thanks for your many inspirational posts.


  3. Hearing the smile and feeling the joy through the phone encourages me to be more like that as I converse with others. Instead of having a sour demeanor, I hope to share encouragement with those around me (even through a telephone). 🙂


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