No. No it WAS NOT that easy

I stepped into the garage a couple days ago and this box caught my eye.  It made me laugh.  There have been days it made me cry… but I think I’ve moved on to a better place.

When you step back and take a broader look, there was nothing remotely easy about getting here.

…. and another view….

I can’t show you the other side of the garage because it’s just too hideous.

But the good news is, it’s alot better than it was.

Since most of my stuff can’t live inside with me, I decided to sort a box or two a day…. inventory, repack, properly label, then haul it to the basement.  Out of sight, out of mind.  I think that will feel better.

I’ve uncovered several boxes labeled “Nany Box”… the label neatly printed by my daughter-in-law, Courtney.  I am lucky enough to have two amazing daughters-in-law.  But Courtney has the misfortune of living near me… or rather near where I used to live.

Late last summer and early fall, she came over faithfully… sometimes with little ones in tow, sometimes not and packed like a human dynamo.  Looking at the contents of several “Nany Box” boxes, I can only wonder what she thinks of me.

Nany, my maternal grandmother, was a prolific artist of many mediums.  I, the adoring granddaughter, was the one who couldn’t say “no”.  So, now I – – I mean we, well actually… Courtney, paid the price by having to pack all that stuff.

I tried desperately to keep ahead of Courtney…

“yes, yes all those dishes on the table can go – – these are yard sale – – this is garbage”, trying desperately to sound like I knew what I was doing.

But I couldn’t do it.  She was too fast for me.  We had used all the perfect sized boxes and were down to the gigantic or too small.  I couldn’t make a decision.  I stared blankly when she asked what to do with something.  I couldn’t even tell her what some of those somethings were.

Nothing deterred her.  She packed away, probably thinking the garbage can would be the better choice.  But she was kind and sweet because that’s how she is.  When she asked how to label several boxes, all I could think was call it “Nany Box”.

So far, I’ve unpacked five of these.  There are a couple more in the garage still.  One had absolutely nothing of Nany’s inside.  I should have had Courtney label them all “Utter Confusion”.

11 thoughts on “No. No it WAS NOT that easy

  1. The last time we moved, the kids labeled one of the boxes, “completely random and miscellaneous.” I know exactly what you are writing about. “Utter Confusion” is good – next time we move, I’ll have to remember that one! Seems no matter how much we have under control, there will always be those random pieces.


  2. You were very bold showing us this. It resembles my basement… and I don’t think I could show it to anyone! We moved here over fifteen years ago and I still have boxes that have never been unpacked! Why we bothered to bring the contents with us is a mystery, except that we had reached a point where the decision-making was beyond us. It became easier to stuff something into a box than commit to tossing it.

    People talk about moving being traumatic, but they ought to add that the packing part is more so!


    1. The summer before last we had a new roof put on our house so we had to empty our attic for structural repairs. At that time we did alot of sorting and purging and we STILL ended up with so much stuff! And crazy stuff at that. I just don’t understand it – ugh! 🙂


  3. Courtney

    haha, sorry if I was going too quick & messed up some of the labels or made you make any decisions you weren’t sure about. I certainly wasn’t intending to do any of that. I just get on a roll and like to keep going. — And in regards to my thinking….there was NO sort of judgment at all! My thoughts were always along the lines of, “lets see how much we can get done before I gotta go get the kids”. I was always on a time limit… so another reason for moving quickly. 🙂 — I actually loved all your stories that came along with the “random” items we came across. Someday, I hope to (and probably will) have some items that bring back wonderful memories of loved ones too! 😀 — For now, I’m glad you’re able to unpack/repack some items and get them out of sight, out of mind. I’m sure anything to keep you busy right now, also helps to keep you sane 😉 love ya!

    — PS…. I’m still available for more packing if/when you need me. 🙂


    1. No, no you didn’t push too hard or mess up labels. On the contrary, I think we’d still have that house half full if it weren’t for you! I don’t like packing and moving, but it is fun to uncover sentimental things that bring back memories. In fact, I’ve got a couple more posts in mind regading this re-sorting and re-packing and odd things found. What a crazy process!


  4. You made me smile cause this reminded me of my garage a few weeks back. We moved to a smaller place and I was shocked to discover how much things my wife and I had accumulated. There’s still more stuff to organize…don’t know when it’ll be done but I know it will be someday. I wish you all the best…


  5. A few months ago, I was in a similar scenario. I moved from a house to an apartment. I was shocked to see how much I accumulated that I had to get rid of. It’s not easy to trim down our things or clearing up so we can make everything in order but in time, we can surpass it. Wishing you the best.


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