All Grown Up Now

I called a son on his birthday a few days ago… nothing too unusual about that.

He: Hey, Mom…what’s happening?

Me: Just calling to say Happy Birthday.

He: Thanks, Mom.

This is the son who always had the happy, smiley face, the where’s-the-party personality, the Super Man key chain (and driving record) that survived his teen and military years.

It’s the rest of the birthday call that I’ve been thinking on:

Me: So what are you doing?

He: Oh, just got home from work…long day.

Me: Well, so are you having a great birthday dinner?

He: Oh (laugh) I just grabbed a burrito.

Me: Oh?  So, are you going to do something fun with anyone???

He: Well, you know, Mom, I have to get up early for work tomorrow…you know.

Yes, I know.

And I know how easy it is for the everydayness and responsibility to take over… and steal our dreams… and cause us to forget that great idea that just might change the world, or at least ourselves… and tells us to stuff away that quirky part of our personality when in reality it is the genius part of our personality.

I know these things.

There’s no question though – I’m glad this son, and his brothers, have grown into honorable, dependable men.

And I’m glad the birthday boy thought it wise to celebrate quietly at home on a work night… with a burrito….

But I haven’t seen his Super Man key chain in a long time.  It was replaced by something more “grown up”.

I think he needs a new one… as a reminder.

4 thoughts on “All Grown Up Now

  1. My kids say, “It’s just another day.” Yes, but we want them to know they are celebrated. That is tough, as life’s responsibilities get in the way. I like your “great idea” paragraph. “The genius part of our personality,” unfortunately the part too easily buried. How to resolve that is one of life’s many questions, for our children and for ourselves.


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