“mom, send sheets”

When I packed up my old dining room and moved to the new, several note books made the trip.  Notepads, small spiral-bound note books and pens were always kept by the phone.

In this new space I carry a cell phone and have no designated message area.  I worry I’ll forget something important before I can write it down.  Or worse yet – loose an important bit of history.

As I flipped thru those familiar pages yesterday I realized I’d recorded a great deal of history………

“Mom, those chocolate cookies travel well – – send more – – please” – David – Afghanistan 2003

Be sure to ask Andrew his boot size – does he want me to double up on his credit card payment?

“Mom, please send a package to Carl. He hasn’t gotten any mail” – Andrew – Iraq 2007

David – bus to Dover, Delaware – 18 hr flight to Kuwait – Dec 2007

“Mom, can you send me some sheets? I gave one of mine to a guy who doesn’t have any” – Andrew – Iraq 2009

” turret in Humvee gives better visibility… one of our ASVs got hit twice in one day, no one hurt… my old buddy Travis from Elmendorf is here at Anaconda” – Andrew – Iraq 2007

“Mom, can you get Andrew’s building number? I’ll try to find him – I should be at his camp next week” – David – Iraq 2008

“I made it to David’s camp, missed him by a few days” – Andrew – Iraq 2008

The multi-national truck drivers shared their chai tea with Andrew after mission…he liked it – the guards at the PX are Ugandan –  Iraq 2007

“we lost ………  he was my friend…………  mom…………” – David – Iraq 2003

“you won’t believe this but I need more sheets…. these guys just aren’t prepared, mom….  and thanks for all the packages …. got a couple more names who need mail …. love you” – Andrew – Iraq 2009

“we’re on the side of a mountain under the stars….. cold, beautiful…..  been on mission last 30 days…..don’t worry, mom, I’m sure my mail is waiting back at camp…..love you too” – David, courtesy of an officer with a satellite phone who let each troop make a short call home – Christmas in Afghanistan 2002

There are many other meaningful messages jotted in my notebooks:

– date, time, weight, length of new grand babies

– Auntie M in hospital again, pray

– Ian’s truck broke down, tow truck headed to our house

– doctor/dentist appointments, shopping lists, airport arrival times

But the phone calls from war keep things in perspective.

Today’s challenge and difficulty doesn’t come close to the experience of sending a child into harm’s way.

I thank God for his provision, protection and sons safe home……

………..praying for those who are still there.

“When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stout hearted’ Psalm 138:3 

7 thoughts on ““mom, send sheets”

  1. marilyn

    It is good to see you writing again 🙂 Your stories and insights keep me grounded in what is right and good and true !!!
    Thank you for sharing your live and loves,


  2. This is good – sometimes I get frustrated with journaling, wanting to be profound and insightful and wise, when so much that gets put down is just raw details. Yet, the raw details are what make up daily life. Sometimes, we need to put them down, then step back to get the perspective. It is better to get something down than to lose, as you say, an important piece of history.


  3. Thanks Maureen and Carol. I’ve always “doodled” while on the phone. When the boys were deployed I tried hard to write down everything they said – trying to hold onto them I guess. It’s pretty scribbly stuff, but glad I’ve got it to look back on 🙂


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