Have I Become a Technology Junkie?

It’s been two weeks, four days, seven hours and 45 minutes since I took up more or less permanent residence… in my current residence.  Yes, apparently I am counting.

The husband conveniently had two weeks of back to back travel.  Tough life staying at expensive hotels, eating fine food while I, on the other hand, did not.

So starved for a normal (very loose term) human voice, I tuned into Rush Limbaugh this morning.  It was the only radio station I could get a clear signal for.  He was entertaining – commercial breaks too – yelling got a bit much though.

For a brief half hour tonight I watched the evening news.  I see Gaddafi is history.  I actually have to follow the calendar to make sure I know what day it is.  And now I am sitting on the edge of my bed, laptop precariously perched on a wobbly TV tray, slow wireless connection holding for the moment…….

Tomorrow my new best friends in the whole world, Ramsey and Kevin from the phone company, will be here.  They are connecting my internet, hooking up a real, live telephone and plugging in my cable TV.

My housemate has a little challenge managing her TV.  Quite often we have nothing but a snowy screen… when we can find her remote… which is how I’m already on a first name basis with Ramsey and Kevin.  They make house calls…. perk of small town living.

But after tomorrow I will have my own remote to my own TV!  Ah, the unparalleled power of it all.  Doug will never again be king of the remote.  It’s mine, all mine, baby.  I’ve earned it.

I thought I could take or leave technology.  I’m an old-fashioned girl.  The truth is though, I miss it.

But I haven’t wasted my time – – books have been read, knitting project finished, surfaces have been scrubbed (a lot of that)… and numerous flustered, discombobulated cell phone calls have been made to the husband.

I’m surprised he still answers.

3 thoughts on “Have I Become a Technology Junkie?

  1. Brooke,
    We bought a “day” clock. I picked it up at Camping World and it let’s you know what day of the week it is. The time of day is guess work but at least we know that it is Friday evening. Sounds as if you are keeping busy.


  2. I unplug a few times a year, not so much by choice but because we head out in our RV for a getaway, or go to our cabin which is far beyond the reach of electricity, internet and cell phones. It’s good to put the addiction aside for a bit, and amazing how much gets accomplished when I do. But, like you, I don’t enjoy being out of touch for too long at a time. I’m sure you’ll enjoy being reconnected. 🙂


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