Moving in Circles

Under normal circumstances, whatever those are, moving to a new location is very stressful.  I imagine.  It’s been 22 years since the last time I moved so I’m a little rusty on the whole thing.

But I can tell you that moving, leaving a job, cutting your income by 2/3rds, leaving loved ones behind – albeit only two hours away, and doing it all in two months is a wild and wacky time.

Last Tuesday, for example, did not end well.

I ran to the store after work to resupply our empty fridge.  Chicken with lots of fresh veggies was the plan.  Then more sorting and packing for the evening.

I ate the chicken, with a side of Twizzlers.  Half a medium size bag to be clear.

That is what happens when left to my own devices for dinner.  Doug arrived home eventually to find me in a sugar induced stupor…. to-do list sadly undone.

This is also what happens when I stress over things beyond my control.

It’s not that I’m unhappy about all this.  I am very OK with leaving the job and I’m very OK with making the move – – it’s just the bigness of it all.  The unknown.  There’s alot of that where we’re going.

I meander around my house, room by room and try to figure out what to take, what to give, what to sell.  Condensing 42 years of marraige down to a reasonable amount of “keepage” is daunting.

So I packed the family photos which hung over the piano.  I thought that would help this process feel more real.  But I still see their faces surrounding the Love You More sign.  Think I’ll leave that one thing right where it is until time to patch the nail holes and roll on new paint.

My yard sale pile is growing.  That feels good.  Now I just need to get my arms wrapped around that unknown stuff.

I also need to grocery shop again….. this time for super-duper strength vitamins.  I learned my Twizzler lesson.

2 thoughts on “Moving in Circles

  1. Love that word, “keepage.” We are moving next month also, probably the theme of a few posts for both of us over the next month! Sometimes sorting out my thoughts is harder than sorting out the stuff. I’m with you on this one. My thing is chocolate – I have to watch out for those high stress days – striving for moderation, but keeping the sanity intact. Theoretically, anyway.


    1. Oh my! We definitely have a great post theme going here 🙂 Best wishes to you – – -it’s really tough to keep thoughts straight! I have lists and notes all over the place and I still forget them. Oh well, it’s an adventure for sure. Yes …. I guess a little treat now and them is good, but moderation, moderation!


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