Finding Your Passion…or possibly your socks

You cannot raise four boys without focus and your wits tightly wrapped about yourself.  I used to pride myself on knowing what was happening, where it was happening and where everything was to make it happen.

This has changed with time.

For example, I have a dedicated sock drawer.  But I can never find my favorite pair – together.  They get separated, slide underneath and behind.  I find a stray sandwiched between a stack of towels.  Maybe I should just get rid of my unfavorite socks.

Doug has a similar problem with keys.  There is a giant key hook in the kitchen, a basket in the living room and the top of his dresser.  They all hold keys, but never the one he wants.

What I really want to find these days, is that next big thing I might do with my life.  That thing that makes the hours fly by in deep satisfaction.

Some folks don’t understand.  They say “relax” – “kids are grown” – “go with the flow”.

But I know something is out there waiting.  I’m going to find it.

I recently read a guest post by Mary E DeMuth on Michael Hyatt’s website …Find Your Passion in Three Steps. 

I’m simplifying a bit, but the first step is finding the spot where a needy world and that thing which brings you joy, meet up.  For example, my mother loves to sew.  She quilts with a group who donate their time and wares to folks in need.  She loves what she does and provides a useful product.

I’m stuck on the first step.  My “joy” things are more nebulous – I like to make people happy… bridge gaps… bring clarity… write.  Could I possibly be more vague?

The second step is to list your top three favorite movies and identify a common theme.  This is hard if you think too much…just grab the first ones that pop into your head.  Mine were – When Harry Met Sally – Little Women – The Patriot.

OK.  Relationships and struggle?  Family and Civil war?  More family and Revolutionary War?  Relationships and struggle.   Hmmm.  Am I making headway or should I cut down on the historical movies and books?

The third step is to ask people who know you, what they see as your “one thing”….that thing that stands out, that they see you doing.

I asked Doug.

He said, “make dinner”.

I’ll ask him again.

But I’ll make sure he’s eaten first.

I will find you, nebulous passion thing.

“Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you” Proverbs 24:14

4 thoughts on “Finding Your Passion…or possibly your socks

  1. Courtney

    Lol! I can totally picture him saying that….infact, pretty sure he’s passed that along to his son, because I’ve heard it a time or two myself. They definitely seem more willing to listen (or atleast pretend to), when their mouths are stuffed with food!


  2. Years do change the focus of our lives, especially once we reach that significant retirement milestone. I’m not sure I want some new big thing, however, as I’m delighted to have more hours to devote to the many things that received short shrift in my previous decades. Because I ran my own business there was little leftover time either for hobbies or to volunteer in local schools, hospital, church and community. Hopefully I’m making a difference in a few more lives now that I have more disposable hours. I’m also loving the opportunity to spend more time on my writing… some of it fiction, some non-fiction, including devotionals that I haven’t written since my children were quite young.

    It’s good to evaluate, to recognize that our years are limited and determine not to waste them. I hope you find the passion you want so you can enjoy this wonderful time in your life.


    1. What you are doing sounds very appealing to me! There’s some volunteering I’d like to do and definitely will be writing. To tell you the truth, just last week I gave my notice at my job of 20 years! It still feels quite surreal. I’ll be spending a bit more time in the caregiving dept for a family member in need. I know there will be challenges, but I am looking forward to it. I will be blogging some about this transition. I have a feeling writing will play a big part in the years ahead. Thanks for your encouragement, Carol 🙂


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