Why I am Here

Last week while I rambled about being a reluctant hostess, I mentioned an old Alaska sourdough named Fred.  My plan was to tell you about Fred after sharing a little something about Easter.

My husband tells me I don’t need to say something about everything all of the time, and apparently this is so because I haven’t been able to say much about anything lately.  This is due to two reasons:  1) technology glitch and 2) brain glitch.

Last week I lost the ability to upload images…and then my blog layout went all wonky as the result of an experiment gone away.  So after I got all the techie stuff worked out, my brain rebelled.  Getting the words from inside, out thru my fingers onto the keyboard and onto the screen just wasn’t happening.

So I decided to take a break, enjoy two brief but beautiful days of sunshine, plant a few flowers, eat some Peeps, one chocolate rabbit and think about what I’m trying to accomplish.

Here’s what I came up with…

a)  I went back to my original plan for writing a blog… which was to provide a collection of stories for my family (and anyone else who cares) about the life and times of Doug and Brooke in Alaska, which was pretty interesting if I do say so myself…

b) Give them hope that…yes, you really can screw up that badly and go on to live a relatively normal life….

c) You can do it with humor and a sense of adventure….

d) And, tie it in with today….because we’re not dead yet.

The problem I was bumping against…not all those old times were good times.  I prefer to write about good times, funny things…not the hard things.  But it’s those hard things that make us the adorable people we are so I must include them…but will do so in the most humorous way possible.

So, Easter is done…the holiday on the calendar, not the unfathomable miracle of it.  And I’m swearing off Peeps and chocolate for a while so I can continue getting this fat off me.

Next time I’ll be back with Fred.

Oh, and you missed a great (potentially) Easter post.  This is my friend Lorna.  We were on our way to Easter services………

Lorna was raised by a Jewish mom.  I guess cultural diversity and tolerance isn’t such a new thing after all.  But I have a lot more to share about Lorna so we’ll get back to that someday.

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