Post-Dive Wrap and a Poll

I can get a little cocky after doing a new thing successfully several times in a row.  I am not proud of this.

My preference, when I mess up, is to swallow my pride and laugh it off…it’s a good thing I feel this way. 

The first day we put on our masks, air tanks and sat on the bottom of the pool was very exciting.   Twenty new scuba students…. each giving thumbs up as air bubbles swirled above our heads, smiling…as much as you can smile with a regulator in your mouth. 

I was ultra confident I had that breathing thing nailed.  But when I took my seat on the bottom of the pool for the fifth or sixth time, something felt off.  Some were staring at me and the instructor made some sort of sign I hadn’t figured out yet.  Just about the time I saw my regulator floating next to me I realized the problem was I couldn’t breath….which indeed is very hard to do underwater without a regulator in your mouth.

Humility.  When will I ever get the hang of you???

Obviously, I’ve not given a detailed account of scuba diving lessons.  I’m just hoping someone will take away that if I…even I…can stumble thru the process, anyone can do just about anything.  Some of the good stuff I took away from it all:

Knowing you have the ability to swim to shore HERE ….in case the dive boat forgets you…or you just need to hang in there a little longer to reach a goal…

Knowing how important it is to have a dive buddy you can depend on HERE…regardless if you need to share a regulator at 60 feet below…or need someone to stand with when the news you never want to hear comes your way….

Knowing the importance of achieving neutral buoyancy HERE …while exploring the ocean depths…or searching life for that spot you know you were meant to fill….

And of course, there’s that laughing at yourself thing.

So now that you know what I know (about diving)………….

Have no fear…the poll is totally anonymous.  With only a few exceptions, I haven’t even got a clue who reads this blog.  Thanks for your time 🙂

3 thoughts on “Post-Dive Wrap and a Poll

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  2. At least your experience was in a body of water where you could view the cement bottom…..
    My scuba-doo was in Maui, with a 15 minute boat ride of instruction followed by being tossed into 60 feet of a bottomless deep blue ocean…..I grabbed my regulator and said a few Hail Mary’s……

    thanks for the post!


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