Is “synopsis-ize” a Word?

I make things up.  If a word doesn’t fit, I think it’s perfectly fine to invent one.. And why not?  Words had to be invented in the first place…it should be OK to add another.

Some readers may be turned off by the next few words (and please keep in mind this is not a political blog by any stretch of the imagination)…but one of the traits I found so endearing about our 43rd president, was his ability to invent new or use obscure words.  Probably my favorite is the “decider”.  I like being the decider about what I write, what I do, where I go, what I read/eat…you name it, I’ll decider it!

A fast food chain uses the word bacon as a verb in one of their commercials…how cool is that!  I would happily say, “here, let me bacon that sandwich for you, sweetie”…or…”I’ll be ready in a sec, just need to combify my hair”.  Comb is such a boring word, whereas combify gives it a little sparkle, don’t you think?

I love words.  They have power.  They start and stop wars.  They teach and edify, confuse and tear down.  Words bring comfort and healing, despair and pain.

My favorite way to use words is to love, share information, clarify, make laughter, pursue understanding, encourage.  However, I have been known to achieve the opposite result more often than I care to admit….hurt, confusion, discouragement…price of being human I guess.  But the more I focus on the love word, the encouraging word…I can’t help but encourage myself as well.  Funny how that works.

I have a lifetime’s worth of words stored in my heart, in 3-ring binders, in bound journals, in loose-leaf folders, in pretty spiral notebooks, in ugly spiral notebooks, on layers of sticky notes all stuck together and on folded pieces of paper in my purse pockets.  If I die suddenly and my family tries to decipher my writing system, they will know just how wacky I am.

So, today I begin corralling all those words.  I will put them here for anyone to read.  That is a very scary thing for me.  But…if I have the words I guess there must be a reason for the words so I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to share the words… huh??  Anyway, I hope to share a little encouragement, a little humor and a substantial amount of love.  I’m going to combify my hair now.  😉

3 thoughts on “Is “synopsis-ize” a Word?

  1. Brooke McGillivray

    regarding the creation of new words…I heard a man on TV today refer to a round, bearded man as looking “Santa Clausious”…now that’s what I’m talking about! Great word.


  2. Hello Brooke,
    I saw the connection between our blogs – thank you! So nice to see someone is actually reading what I post. One of my favorite words is philosphicalizing. Yes, I make up words, too. Dr. Seuss is one of my favorites – if he can do it, so can we! Isn’t that what we’re doing on our posts – philosophicalizing about life?


    1. Thanks for commenting, Maureen – – I’m just getting starting with this blogging stuff. Found Ann Voskamp’s blog and book recently and stumbled upon your blog too. So glad I did. Yes, it is fun playing words:)


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