Symbols that move me forward

It's hard to escape symbols lately.  They are thrust in your face every time the TV news comes on.  And as we all know, symbols can get a body worked up.  And cause frustration.  And misunderstanding.  And turn one against another. So I've been looking for symbols that are life-giving.  Not life sapping. Because I am a little sapped.  Which does not …

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My take on rainbows, faith and fear….

Last Sunday, on my weekly post, I was going to include the fact I'd achieved ROY.G.BIV in my closet. Months earlier I'd complimented my husband on his new-found closet organizing, color coordinating skills.  He waved across his shirts and said, "ROYGBIV" (pronounced roy-ga-biv).  I'd never heard the term before.  red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet.   Am I the only person on the planet who did not know that …

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The Words We Leave Behind

Yesterday I retrieved a new voicemail from my phone.  Because I'm one of those people who often saves voice messages, and because the 21 day time limit had elapsed, it was necessary to cycle thru all saved messages to get the new one. Normally, without listening, I just press 9 to save and move on.  For some reason, I listened to each one. …

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Fall Love

Last week I took some moments to capture color on the trees... and take a coffee break with the husband... and build memories to hold till autumn comes back next year. The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools. - Henry Beston     I would rather sit …

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Beauty and Grace and Seedless Green Grapes

I perched on the edge of the pool in all my 13 year-old gawkiness... poised to dive head first.  My wet hair and wet suit had long since dried.  I was a wreck. I wanted to jump.  She said I had to jump.  But I just couldn’t jump.  Irrational fear flooded my mind.  Arms and …

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Following Tractors… and other stuff I learned in July

1 - The days of some months are like trying to catch a greased pig at the county fair... they slip thru your fingers and refuse to be contained in a single word... as in it's been a long time since I've written here. 2 - On the face of the earth there are only …

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Thank you, Father, for loving me thru the angry rants I send your way... For soothing the head I beat against the wall of hopelessness... day after day after day. You stand steady and patiently wait for me. You restore. heal. lift up... so I can take another step forward.  Today.

Connections ~ Wirelessly Delivered to the Heart

Last week I wrote of the recent road trip to visit family.  One evening I joined my parents, sister and niece for dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant in downtown Auburn.  It’s right close by the old gold miner.   And it was the last place I ever took my grandparents before Papa died. The place had …

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Change

our bodies change.......... ..... but love remains. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

New Morning

What do I do when, ...false words are spoken? offered is ignored? ...kindness it criticized? Well... I eat a second cupcake, stuff down a handful of potato chips, polish off the rest of the "fun size" Halloween candy bars... then I sit in a stupor in my recliner feeling like an idiot, until.... I pull myself together.  …

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