making peace with my house

     When Doug and I first moved to this house, it was to care for his mom who was deep in a battle with dementia.  She was combative and angry.  I spent my days trying to keep her safe and myself sane.    I spent my nights listening to her sing and wander thru …

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The Words We Leave Behind

Yesterday I retrieved a new voicemail from my phone.  Because I'm one of those people who often saves voice messages, and because the 21 day time limit had elapsed, it was necessary to cycle thru all saved messages to get the new one. Normally, without listening, I just press 9 to save and move on.  For some reason, I listened to each one. …

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Thank you, Father, for loving me thru the angry rants I send your way... For soothing the head I beat against the wall of hopelessness... day after day after day. You stand steady and patiently wait for me. You restore. heal. lift up... so I can take another step forward.  Today.