Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Inside

Every morning, on the inside of me, I start full of hope... full of thanks... full of promises to talk to God when I think I'm slipping. And by the time dinner rolls around my heart feels cold as snow. I forgot Him.  I remembered the worries instead... created my own pain. But the good …

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Do all roads lead home?

I've been gone a few days.  I've been "home" for a couple. Writing has eluded me.  My mind is overloaded and my heart is sad. Family and love call me south.  Family and obligation call me north. It looks like Interstate 5 and my trusty car will get a work out this summer.  And that's ok... ... …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

....my peeps and my flowers ....big brother meets little brother  ....from ugly to less ugly (in my humble opinion) ....the Great Red Hot Chili Pepper and Batman Caper ....window seat with a view WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

A House or A Home

I've always defined the word house as a generic building people live in. I've always defined home as the place you go at night, where you feel safe... where you belong. Presently, in my mind anyway, we have both a house and a home.  And both of them gave me a great workout this weekend. The …

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Down

..... Reaching down for the sweetest gift ..... WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

...... Valentine Flowers ..... ..... Early Spring Flowers ..... ...... Last weeks of Summer for my Porch Flowers.......