seeing thru the smoke

My husband and I like fresh air. The good news is we both love the house filled with fresh air. The bad news is we have varying criteria, methods and internal thermostats. I may be feeling perfectly comfortable when he will suddenly fling wide the front and back doors.  While this creates a lovely wind tunnel effect …

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31 Days of Aging Grace ~ Doing it Beautifully

Day Eight I come from a long line of ladies who like to look good. My dad’s mom passed away in my teens, but I have very clear memories.  Every day she wore a freshly pressed, floral print dress and sensible shoes.  Her hair was curled, lipstick and rouge (that's what they called it back then.. not blush) applied.  …

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Contrast

A new life beginning beautifully... a long life beautifully living.. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

I am in “Like” with Oregon

It just irritates me like crazy to admit this, but I love where I live. I've lived here for 25 years, so it's about time I came to a conclusion one way or the other.  Just didn't want to rush it. The truth is, I've always looked at our time in Oregon as temporary...just passing thru...second best. …

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