31 Days of Aging Grace


A funny thing happened to me on the way to the “honored guests” dinner menu…

…and some things not so funny, and some things kind of sweet, and some things I’m still trying to figure out.

Please join me October 1st as I post each day of the month about Aging Grace… a state of being… not a woman.  My apologies to any ladies named Grace.

I’m connecting with a community of bloggers who will spend the next 31 days writing about just one thing.

I’ll post links to all the 31 Days posts right here….

Day One   ~Age Does Not Define You

Day Two  ~You’re Not Done Yet

Day Three  ~Scuba Lessons – the rest of the story

Day Four  ~The Far Side of the Sea

Day Five  ~I See Old People

Day Six  ~Dazed and Confused

Day Seven  ~Happy

Day Eight  ~Doing it Beautifully

Day Nine  ~My Handcraft Addiction

Day Ten  ~Finding Hope

Day Eleven  — (late entry!) Day Eleven – Missing in Action

Day Twelve  ~When When Becomes Now

Day Thirteen  ~On Being Wimpy With Spreadsheets

Day Fourteen  ~Big

Day Fifteen  ~They Teach Me

Day Sixteen  ~Army Strong

Day Seventeen  ~Ninja Grace

Day Eighteen  ~No Hurry Today

Day Nineteen  ~Fly Boy Courage

Day Twenty  ~Perfect. Not.

Day Twenty-one  ~Such Amazing Grace

Day Twenty-two  ~Silhouette: Outline of Goodbye

Day Twenty-three  ~Why Can’t Things Stay The Way They Were?

Day Twenty-four  ~The Day She Called The Cops

Day Twenty-five  ~The Grace To Die Well

Day Twenty-six  ~Voice

Day Twenty-seven  ~Are We There Yet?

Day Twenty-eight  ~Rain on Pansies

Day Twenty-nine  ~Getting Here from There

Day Thirty  ~Freedom Flight

Day Thirty-one  ~Follow the Yellow Brick Road

8 thoughts on “31 Days of Aging Grace

  1. marilyn meek

    Oh Brooke,
    …You had me at Aging Grace!!!

    Is it like Nanorimo for Bloggers!?!?!

    Can hardly wait to see your embracement of this term!!!



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