Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Merge

Interesting how it goes with vehicles…..

We recently paid off our truck.  A couple days ago we paid off my car.

Finally a bit of breathing room in the budget.

But I had this nagging feeling…

So the weekend starts with the merge of my husband’s car onto the tow-truck.  I knew it was too good to be true.

I didn’t even notice the Dutch Bros. Coffee sign until I saw this photo.  Looks like a hood ornament.

I could have used a good cup of coffee right about then.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Merge

  1. Love the stop sign on the back of the cab, and the hood ornament – nice touch. We had a car incident this weekend, too. The gear shift broke off (!) when my husband was two hours from home. He figured out how to drive home using pliers as the shift…Hope yours is an easy fix.


  2. What is it about these silver vehicles and their attraction to tow trucks??? If you were on Facebook last week you would have seen our silver pickup being towed away. Unfortunately a “few hundred” dollars didn’t solve our problem, but $3200 did. Vehicles always seem to cost us more money than we expect when we first get them.


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