Grace for the Overly Stressed

“What’s happenin’ Mom”, the customary greeting from a son’s Sunday morning call.

“Oh, not much”, my customary response ……when I don’t really want to talk about what is going on ….when I don’t want to verbalize the “what’s happenin” because there’s more than I can handle.

When he mentions he and the brothers and the families want to spend time with “you and Dad”, my heart sinks a little.  I can’t handle one more thing.  Guilt hammers me for such a thought.  I compound the negative by unloading some woe.

There is NOTHING I want more than time with them.

I call him back to apologize …and get his voice mail.  I worry.  Of all the people to dump on he’s the last one who needs it.  Then relief to see his incoming call.

“Hey, Mom!  Here’s the plan…you and Dad…2 pm…be there!”

So we are there …..welcomed to a cheerful gathering place ….. to delectable food …. to most excellant grill skillz …. to great conversation.  We enjoy grandchildren and laughter and precious moments that are not to be wasted.

And I realize again how blessed we are.

I hope I remember better next time.

Boys out in the field
"Look Avery, Grandpa's got food!"
Two year old brother gives one year old sister "a chip".... we didn't let her eat them all!

“so that by God’s will I may come to you with joy and be refreshed in your company” Romans 15:32

I was refreshed ……..

4 thoughts on “Grace for the Overly Stressed

  1. Oh, Brooke, I can relate to this and I am glad you shared.
    There are so many occasions where my boys want me to be a part of activities in their lives, and because of my constant pain I cannot join them.
    They will never know the guilt I feel!
    I am so thankful you were able to see them and enjoy your time together. I will say a special prayer for you today.


  2. Courtney

    I must’ve missed this post. But I had to comment that it was nice to have you all over. I too was refreshed! It was a very relaxing visit & I hope we can do more like that soon! 🙂

    PS, i think its funny that you captioned my back yard as ” the field” LOL. I look out the window every day & think to myself that I should go out & mow it, but its just been too darn hot! Maybe next week 😉


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